In Barisis aux bois, 8th and 9th September 2018

Tournoi XIII edition 2018



Tournoi XIII exists since 2013 and the foundation of the project is to reenact a tournament as it probably took place in the years 1180-1280: a fight between mounted knights and foot soldiers.

As a consequence, to maintain the period’s tournament spirit, i.e. a training in military techniques, the combat and manoeuvres during the event are not choreographed contrary to what can be done in battle reenactment these last few years.

To achieve this, we have decided to progress in stages. In a first stage, we train mounted knights. Year after year, we then impose the use of new equipment.

Foot soldiers are not ignored. On the contrary, they are critical elements who guarantee a good tactical deployment on the tournament field. They are also trained in sword and spear use and in fighting in formation.

Affiliated to the French Federation of Historical European Martial Arts (Fédération France des Arts Martiaux Historiques Européens FFAMHE) since 2016, we propose during our big yearly gathering two versions of the game: the “HEMA” tournament and the “historical” tournament.

The ``HEMA`` Tournament

HEMA are Historical European Martial Arts. It is a set of disciplines that aim to restore old martial techniques by using in particular ancient treatises. HEMA practice requires a high level of personal protection (fencing mask, padded jacket, etc.).

Practitioners of the HEMA tournament are therefore required to wear suitable protective equipment.

The HEMA tournament takes place the same way the “Historical” tournament does, except that it is possible to take part in sport gear.

This allows participants to discover the game as well as the feelings of formation combat without having to invest in protective gear.

The ``Historical`` Tournament

Since the birth of this project, our objective was to allow participants to take part in historical costume.

Most of our foot soldiers already wear historical costumes: gambesons, hauberk, shield, medieval shoes, etc.

For those who do not have all the suitable equipment, we chose to allow them time to gather suitable equipment (one new compulsory piece of equipment per year).

In 2017, foot soldiers will have to own a 13th century shield.

With regard mounted soldiers, the same applies. During the “Historical” tournament, they must wear historical gear suited to their role and horse riding skills.


HEMA or Reenactment ?

Practicing HEMA is relying on a study of ancient texts and manuscripts  in order to extract information allowing the reconstruction of ancient martial skills.

At Tournoi XIII, we rely on manuscripts and texts from the 13th century in order to understand  martial philosophy and to reproduce moves: with sword, shield and spear.

This methodology is applied to foot soldiers (use of weapons from this period + work on formation fighting) and mounted combatants.

Once moves are understood and mastered, they are applied on the ground with equipment as historically accurate as possible.

Hence Tournoi XIII unites HEMA and REENACTMENT.

As we consider that the objective is the reproduction of the techniques in full gear, in an open field, as in 13th century tournaments.

Frequently asked questions

What are registration fees for?

Fire wood for camp fire and for the kitchen, the stables and the fields are not free. The registration fee helps cover these costs all year round.

I travel from far away. Can I sleep in a hostel?

Each year, depending on demand, we rent a nearby hostel for participants traveling from far away and who cannot bring camping equipment. Contact the organisers for more information.

I have no equipment, can I take part?

It is indeed better to own equipment to take part in Tournoi XIII. However, if you would like to try it before investing, contact the organisers, we could consider lending you some equipment.

I am a non-combatant but I’d like to help. Is it possible?

Of course. Tournoi XIII is very physically intense for participants and we are always happy to get help. You can help at water points to distribute water. There is even the opportunity to train people in horse care in order to help horse riders (hold horses to remove equipment, water or feed them, and why not take part in the grooming). Do not hesitate to enquire with the organisers.

Are we obliged to sleep in historical 13th century tents?

Currently, the project is moving more towards the military and tactical aspect of things. Having a 100% historically accurate camp is therefore not the priority. However, to ensure a coherent visual effect we arrange the tents according to their type, separating historical and modern ones.

I come with my horse, have you got a way to accommodate it?

The equestrian centre nearby has boxes that can be rented for 15 euros per day.

I am a horse rider but I have no horse for the event, what can I do?

The nearby equestrian centre rents horses with which we worked in past editions and in workshops. For 15 euros per day, you can be a mounted combatant at Tournoi XIII. Please contact the organisers for more information.

In case of bad weather, will the event be cancelled?

Certainly not ! We are lucky to have a nearby equestrian centre with a large indoor coral. In case of rain, it is possible to move inside and to work together, foot soldiers and mounted combatants.

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TOURNOI XIII édition 2018

8 et 9 SEPTEMBRE 2018

Centre Equestre :

Les écuries de Barisis
23 rue de la gare
02700 Barisis.



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